Here we are talking about the Kamlager Bill on last month’s picket, including how it’s supported by Social Workers Ending Poverty Together. We need social workers here to speak out against poverty too!

Another great speech from the All African Women’s Group @AfricanGr, part of #SupportNotSeparation who are regulars at every picket . Stop separating children from mums using immigration laws, destitution & poverty anddomestic violence

Family Court picket is back!

Protecting our Children, Defending our Rights, UK & US 15 July 2021

We are very grateful to the sign language interpreters who did a great job live, despite not having speeches/contributions available in writing ahead of time, as is preferred for events online.   We apologise for any periods where the sign language interpreters may not be visible, due to technical problems during the webinar.

Baroness Uddin speaking on “presumption of contact” in Domestic Abuse Bill, Wed 10 March 2021

Baroness Jones speaking on “presumption of contact” in Domestic Abuse Bill, Wed 10 March 2021
SnS joins The Campaign For Survivor Family Justice UK – #thecourtsaid, Parliament Square, London, Sat 26 October 2019
Forced Adoption Demonstration Outside London’s Central Family Court in Holborn

Took the Children Away – Archie Roach of the Stolen Generation, Australia

DO NO HARM – seminar in the House of Commons 11 September 2018

Launch of the coalition Support not Separation (SnS) on 11 July:

The first Family Court Picket 8 March 2017:

London Live, just before launch of Legal Action for Women’s Dossier Suffer the Little Children and their Mothers:

Protest v CAFCASS & NSPCC participating in Families Need Fathers conference:

Another Handmaid’s Tale  workshop at The World Transformed, Brighton 26 September 2017: