Do No Harm – Evidence gathering questionnaire

DO NO HARM 2018 – Evidence gathering questionnaire.
This is anonymous, but if you want to leave contact details please do below. From tomorrow you can complete this form via the Support not Separation blog.

The purpose of these questions is to find out what significant harm is caused to children by separating them from their mothers and families, and which families are targeted for child removal and forced adoption.

Please answer the following questions about your family situation:

What is your relation to the child/ren you are telling us about? E.g. mother, grandmother etc.


Have any been forcibly removed/adopted?



If yes, who are they living with?



What age and sex are the children? Do any have disabilities?


If your children were removed was it on the grounds of “future significant emotional harm” and/or other reasons?



What harm has been caused to each child by this separation and how has it affected them?










What is your sex, race, age? Are you a single parent?


Do you have a physical disability, a mental health disability or learning difficulties?


What is your weekly/monthly or annual income?  
Where do you live? What kind of housing? Are you homeless?


Have you suffered rape or domestic violence? Where the children taken after you reported DV or after social services found out about it?


If you suffered DV, have you been offered any help?


Do you have a case in court? Do you have a lawyer? Is any organisation helping you?  
You can leave your contact details if you want to.  

Contact  020 7482 2496