Join Our Online Twitter Storm Today

Because of Coronavirus we’re not holding our monthly picket of the central family court in London for the time being.  This is the first time since we started the pickets three years ago that we have not been outside the court holding them to account.  But we have not gone away!  We are issuing a public statement about the impact of the Coronavirus on mums and children, and our demands here

And we hope you’ll join us on a twitter storm/virtual protest at the time we normally picket: Wednesday 1 April – 12.30 to 1.30.   We’ll use the hashtag #SupportNotSeparation in our tweets to the Minister for Children & Families, Vicky Ford MP @vickyford.  Please use freely or do your own! 

·         Mothers must be able to afford to care for their children & keep them safe during #COVID19.  Poverty is not neglect. No child should be taken into “care” because parents can’t afford food, clothing or housing. #CareIncomeNow

·         Family courts: stop taking children from their mothers; stop forced adoptions.

·         Family courts: stop forcing children to have contact with violent fathers. CAFCASS: stop siding with violent fathers.

·         Mothers are the first protectors. Support mothers to support children. #CareIncomeNow

·         Children need their mums! Mothers need money and resources not child abduction!  #CareIncomeNow

We look forward to being in touch remotely!