Parental alienation – important research shows sexist bias

Thanks to Natasha, Researching Reform (29 May 2020) for this highlighting this important research from the US. Figures for the UK would no doubt be similar!
Parents Who Make Allegations of Abuse in Child Contact Cases – Voice of the Child Podcast by Natasha For our sixteenth Voice of the Child podcast we speak with Professor Joan Meier about the first ever nationwide study in the US on child custody cases which feature allegations of abuse, domestic violence and parental alienation, and how those allegations affect mothers’ contact rights in court.

The study, led by Professor Meier, features controversial findings which suggest cultural and gender stereotypes inside the US family courts are placing children at risk of harm. Meier is a Professor of Clinical Law and the Director of the National Family Violence Law Center at the George Washington University Law School, in Washington DC. She has received several national awards for excellence and leadership in improving the legal response to domestic violence. In this interview,

Professor Meier explains the findings from her research, raises concerns around “junk science” used in child cases, and calls for a Me Too Movement within the family courts to raise awareness about gender discrimination and the impact of gender bias on child protection. She also offers us a sneak preview of her next project. You can listen to the podcast here. Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 21.26.38 More Information Professor Meier’s Research: Child Custody Outcomes in Cases Involving Parental Alienation and Abuse Allegations (Open Access) PBS Documentary: Breaking The Silence: Children’s Stories Reveal Podcast: Bitter Custody   Natasha | 29th May 2020 at 9:33 pm | Categories: Researching Reform, Voice of the Child Podcast | URL: Comment    See all comments    Like