Petition: Justice for Victims of the Family Court Domestic Abuse Crisis

Please sign this petition started by Natalie Page from The Court Said. We need justice for all those mothers currently in Family Court or who have lost their children due to Domestic Abuse.

Petition to Boris Johnson 1 July 2020

The Ministry of Justice published its damning report into the issues facing Domestic Abuse survivor families in court. We welcome the proposed changes for reform.

However, many thousands of families have unsafe contact orders in place as a result of this crisis, and many more will, before reform is achieved.

The government needs to launch an immediate case review and a mechanism for recourse for victims affected by the crisis. Thousands of children have been removed unlawfully from victims of Domestic Abuse with no prospect of reversing the situation. Many more thousands are living in fear with unsafe Court decisions impacting families dealing with a Domestic Abuser. Without recourse, this will continue. 

The report publishes the harms endured by survivor families in the Family Court system. It is time to right the wrongs and provide compensation for victims, whose lives, families and futures have been forever marked, or even destroyed by an unsafe decision in the Family Court.

We call upon the government urgently to immediately review all cases that have gone before the proposed reforms, and the ones that will suffer during the transition to reform. We call upon the government to reverse decisions where possible and provide compensation to those affected by the crisis. #thecourtsaid