Protecting our children, Defending our rights – UK & US

THUR 15 JULY, 6-8 pm UK time (1pm EDT, 10am PDT)

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Ending “child welfare’s” massive and heartless removal of children from low-income mothers and families, often children of colour. 

LAUNCH of UK and US self-help guides for mothers and other primary caregivers struggling to protect our children from arbitrary state removal, forced adoptions, and violent fathers.

LAUNCH of new research based on casework in the UK over the past four years: who is being targeted, the reasons given, impact on children, mothers’ personal experiences of going through sexist, racist, disablist and class biased family courts.

LAUNCH of SNS in the US which brings together campaigners coast to coast.

Speakers include:
Mothers who have gone through the family courts in UK & US
A child who was removed is now back with his family
Women Against Rape which has been defending victims of domestic violence accused of lying
Dr Adrienne Barnett, author of the literature review on Domestic Abuse and private law children cases which accompanied the government Harm report into the treatment of domestic abuse victims, which found the family courts ‘racist, sexist and class biased’
Victoria Childs, Psychotherapy and Counselling Union
Phoebe Jones and Margaret Prescod (Global Women’s Strike and Women of Colour GWS) who are campaigning for a care income, and supporting legislation in the US like the Poverty Is Not Child Neglect Act to ensure families are not separated because of poverty. 

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