Parental alienation: call for cases

We are forwarding this call for cases from #thecourtsaid which campaigns for survivor family justice

They say: “We are calling for domestic abuse cases to review in England & Wales for a possible appeal.

If your case meets the following criteria please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

Please note your case MUST fully meet the following criteria to be considered.

1. Where there has been a transfer of residence in response to allegations of parental alienation, which hasn’t worked and caused the child(ren) more harm, and child(ren) have returned back to the primary carer.


2. Where Parental Alienation has been raised by one parent to defeat another parent’s Domestic Abuse allegations/evidence.


3. Where child(ren) disclosed child sexual abuse allegations against a parent and the court ignored their disclosures.

Please go #thecourtsaid website to fill in the form.