Over 12,000 children missing from “care” in last year’s statistics!

Government statistics show a deeply shocking number of children who have “gone missing” from care (see summary below). They give NO information about what happened to these children, and whether they stayed “missing”. How on earth do children go missing from secure units? There must be adults making this possible, leaving children and young people vulnerable to violence and exploitation. And do the privatised units keep claiming money even after the children have gone missing? So much for the “corporate parent” which is supposed to “look after” children better than mums and birth families!



11% of looked after children were missing – 12,430 and there were 81,090 missing incidents. 56% were from semi independent accommodation, children’s homes or secure units! 25% from foster care and 14% living independently

The largest proportion of missing incidents were from ‘secure units, children’s homes and semi-independent living arrangements’ (56%), however this is likely because more older children are placed in these settings and older children are more likely to go missing. 25% of missing incidents were from foster placements and 14% from CLA who were living independently.