International Seminar for the release of Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway

Tracey Norton from Support Not Separation and the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign & Pat Albright and Carolyn Hill from Give Us Back Our Children & Support Not Separation USA had the pleasure of speaking at an exciting international seminar on the child welfare system, 18 March 2023. The seminar was organised in India by Suranya Aiyar, a lawyer and activist, to celebrate the international release of a new film Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway. The film is based on a book by Sagarika Chakraborty, a devastating account of how her two children were taken from her and her husband by Norwegian Social Services and put into foster care, and the struggle she made over the following three years to get them back – which she eventually did. Suranya describes the taking of children in this way as a ‘”sin against motherhood”. It’s a great victory for the movement of mothers everywhere that this film is being shown widely in cinemas across the world. It’s not often that we see our lives and struggles reflected on the big screen this way!

international webinar on the occasion of the film’s release,

The seminar featured 19 speakers both in person in India and online covering India, Norway, Brazil, US, Germany, Sweden and ourselves from the UK. We’re very excited to be in touch with such an international network and we look forward to continuing to work together to fight the worldwide abuse of children being snatched from their loving mothers, not because they are being harmed, but because we are facing poverty, sexism, racism, class and disability discrimination in ‘secret courts’.

Please watch and share clips below!

Tracey Norton, Support Not Separation & Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign, London UK  WATCH

Pat Albright, Give Us Back Our Children & Support Not Separation, USA WATCH

Carolyn Hill, Give Us Back Our Children & Support Not Separation, USA  WATCH